107 Ways to Make or Save Money PDF book

Camilla Kragius
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This 16 page PDF contains 107 ideas with description of how you can make or save money. A great, comprehensive list you can easily refer to for ideas on how you can add some extra money in your pocket. My goal was to include plenty of ideas that can generate decent amount of extra income or even become a part-time side business.

I meet hundreds of people asking the same question over and over again. How can I make some extra money? I decided to take the time to put this together so that you can have a lot of ideas in one place. It took a few days but I hope you will find it valuable.

Why 107? Simply because that's where I hit stop. I couldn't come up with one more idea! Of course now I am collecting more so once I have enough to add (feel free to send ideas to me!) I can update the book (in that case you'll be notified about a new version that you can download automatically). 

After checkout you will receive a PDF to download through Gumroad. For any questions or comments or ideas send me an email at camilla@nomorehamsterwheel.com

Cheers - Camilla 

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107 Ways to Make or Save Money PDF book

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