Financial Freedom course (PDF version)


  • Are you tired of being in debt?
  • Want to finally succeed creating and sticking to a budget?
  • Want to get control of your money but have a life at the same time?
  • Wish you had someone helping you?

Then The Financial Freedom Course is for you!

This is not some long, complicated, time-intensive course. Opposite, the lessons are created like a workbook that you use in conjunction with the book. It's me sitting there guiding you along without physically being there!

Imagine where you could be in less than 27 days by investing 15-30 minutes of your day getting your money situation under control? Why do I say less than 27 days? Because the first two weeks of material have the most impact. That's where you will find money to pay your bills and create your crystal ball so that you know what's coming your way.  

Ready to invest in your future? The value of this course, depending on your financial situation, could be in the thousands of dollars.

But the good news is, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars. Other than a little bit of your time reading and implementing what you learn your only investment is $17.00! I've been told repeatedly I need to raise the price but seriously, if you were rolling around in money you wouldn't be here, would you? I want to keep this affordable to everyone! 

So if you want to pay off that nagging debt, boost your savings and learn how to create a simple way to budget that has helped thousands of people – start today!

Why the course?

I wanted to offer an affordable way for those that wish they had access to a coach helping them. Think of the book as your blueprint and the course as me sitting next to you, helping you along.

What does the course include?

  • How To Get Out of Debt Living Paycheck to Paycheck book
  • 27 short, simple, self-paced lessons set up like a workbook, referring to chapters in the book, with a daily Action Step to help you implement what you are learning. Most lessons only take 15 minutes of your time (but could have a lifetime of impact!)
  • Downloadable worksheet
  • Lesson checkoff list so you can stay on track
  • Links to additional reading material
  • Links to additional resources, calculators and more!

What to expect?

A course and program that is easy to follow with action steps that are meant to help you succeed. Each lesson shouldn't take more than about 15-30 minutes to complete. 

We cover topics such as how to create a simple budget you can finally stick to, what debts to pay off first and how you can succeed changing those habits that keeps you in debt. After taking the course you will have created a budget and plan that you can stick to. I guarantee it!

What qualifies me to teach this course?

I got myself out of 6 figure debt during the 2008-09 recession using the 9 step budgeting system I now teach. I've been in your shoes. I know what you are going through. I know how to get you out of debt and boost your savings so that you can join financial freedom and start pursuing other goals in your life such as leaving the rat race and start your own business, just like I have. My goal is to see you succeed which is why I’m offering an affordable course. 

Note: You will receive all the course material as a PDF where you can go through each lesson at your pace. 

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Financial Freedom course (PDF version)